Somatic Trauma Healing

Move from disconnection to integration

In Person & Online Somatic Therapy | Yoga

Want help, but don’t want to retell your whole trauma story? Somatic trauma therapy or yoga is for you.

You heard of fight flight freeze trauma responses, but fawn response is my specialty. Fawn trauma response can look like:

  • Feeling shame, self-care as selfish, or trauma is your fault somehow

  • Hiding your own true emotions to avoid conflict or “rocking the boat”
  • People-pleasing, codependency, or disconnection from your own needs
  • Going above and beyond to prove that you’re worthy, fearing rejection

  • Feeling you let others down or are responsbile for their emotions

  • Becoming resentful, bitter, or burned out when you do too much

  • Staying in unhealthy relationships because it’s all you’ve known

What exactly is trauma? Trauma is any experience that makes you feel helpless or powerless. It goes beyond stress to overwhelm your coping and makes you deeply question things: Is the world good? Are people good? Am I good?

Parts Work Therapy for Trauma

The ripple of trauma creates splits or parts in us. For example, the part who is angry the trauma occurred. You might fantasize about revenge, transcendence, or being rescued. The part who is scared or your inner child. The part who is ready to grieve what was lost, but you fear if you let grief speak, it might not stop.

With love and compassion, we’ll gently meet these disconnected parts and gently guide them back home to acceptance. You’ll find giving them a voice and asking what they need makes them no longer scream, act out for attention, or control you.

Why Somatic Therapy for Trauma?

Somatic therapy or yoga is excellent for trauma since memories live in the body. Maybe you’ve heard the phrases “if it’s hysterical it’s historical” or “the issues are in the tissues.” These express that intense emotional reactions to triggers and even illness can arise from unresolved past trauma. We’ll work with your body directly to come out of stuck trauma responses that can’t be released by talking alone.

The Trauma Healing Process

Trauma healing or integration takes place in stages outlined by Judith Herman: 1) safety, 2) mourning, and 3) reconnection. Since trauma breaks our connection to self, others, body, memory, or Spirit, it can feel like trauma is still happening in the present. Integration helps us understand the trauma as past and relate to it differently in the present, rather than stay disconnected.

What trauma healing could look like for you:

  • Reconnect with your own body, wants, needs, and desires without guilt
  • Accept who you are, be aware of your emotions and free to express them
  • Not avoiding, waking up in dread, or fearing what might trigger you next

  • Trauma integrates like any other past memory and stops controlling you

I’ll teach specific practices to build self-love, care, and boundaries, so you can find the gift of saying no to others and yes to yourself.

Learn how to integrate trauma as past, so you can be present today.

Ready for trauma healing?