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Embody new practices for transformation

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Carli Watson provides online somatic coaching on the beach

You know your body is speaking, but don’t always understand. You want to release tension, pain, or old habits to be free.

Online somatic coaching will use hand gestures to embody the new

What is somatic? You’ve engaged somatics before and felt your experience change, probably without realizing it:

  • The warm embrace of a loved one puts you at ease

  • The sense of relief or feeling lighter after a good cry

  • The moment of clarity or energy after good exercise

  • Noticing your emotions have shifted after yoga class

Tapping into these simple somatic principles, you’ll learn specific mind body excercises to create felt change any time, any where.

Somatic coaching combines the best of somatics, dialogue, and yoga to build new habits, growth, and true self-care.

What mind body exercises can you expect?

  • Breathwork, vagus nerve, and body awareness exercises

  • Orienting and grounding skills to connect with the present

  • Gestures (small movements that create psychological shifts)

  • Mindfulness, meditation, guided imagery, or light stretching

  • Gentle yoga movements and postures for emotional release

After any exercise, we’ll talk about what came up, so there is verbal processing too. You’ll leave knowing how to integrate the changes that you felt in your body into your daily life.

Woman with arms lifted during online somatic coaching

An example of a somatic exercise in session:

We’re working on setting boundaries so you can have self-care. Rather than simply talking about ways to say no, I ask you to lift your dominant hand & hold it out in front of you like a stop sign. Try it now if you want. Hold it steady. Next, imagine that the thing you want to say no to is right in front of you. As you imagine it with your hand up, how do you feel in your body? What arises? What parts of you support the boundary or resist it? From here, we can discuss the barriers to saying no that you just felt & sensed more directly.

FAQ – What others have asked about somatic coaching:

Somatic comes from the Greek soma, which means the living body in its wholeness. It can mean body-based or holistic mind-body-spirit based.

Coaching is about personal growth and change in mind body or spirit. It is present or future focused on goals. Therapy is about restoring you back to prior functioning. It may require a mental health diagnosis of some impairment. Both can help you heal from the past to move forward.

Yes! I don’t need to be physically present for you to experience profound physical, mental, and spiritual shifts. Since no physical touch is required, I can simply guide verbally as you have the experience directly in your own body.

More questions?     

Carli Watson with hands in prayer pose during online somatic coaching

Feel confident in your body. Love who you are and who you’ll become.