Addiction Recovery Services

You’re not alone. Discover new self-care.

In Person & Online Therapy | Yoga for Addiction

Do you have strong impulses that are hard to resist? Do you ever feel out of control?

Addiction comes in many forms, not just substances. Addiction can look like:

  • People-pleasing, codependency, or love addiction, overly seeking approval
  • Numbing or escaping from feeling big emotions, with food, screens, etc.

  • Working harder or longer hours, trying to feel self-worth or avoid any guilt

  • Getting defensive when others suggest you need to cut something back

Binges or addictions can help you survive hard times, but eventually you stop being able to choose this way of coping. Your brain starts thinking you need this to survive, and you stop developing other ways to deal with stress or big emotions.

It started out slow. But now, you’re worried what will happen if you continue down this road. You don’t want to lose your closest relationships. Yet, you’re afraid of how you’ll cope without this.

Change is scary. But you can change when staying the same begins to feel even scarier than the idea of change.

You’ve faced emotional pain, trauma, or deep loss. You might feel “I don’t want to be sober without them.” Or you’re so busy taking care of them you forget yourself. You want off this rollercoaster of feeling numb to overwhelmed.

Motivational Interviewing for Addiction

Without judgment, I’ll help you create an action plan specific to your goals and desires, not mine. You’ll be in charge and get to decide what’s important for us to work on. With a motivational interviewing style, I’ve helped hundreds of clients with trauma and addiction live life according to their own values.

Harm Reduction Therapy for Addiction

Everyone’s path to recovery is different. You may use medication (MAT), moderation, or abstinence. Addictions try to meet valid needs in unsustainable ways. We all seek rest, calm emotions, and trauma relief. I’ve seen substances both save lives (from suicide as another way out) and take lives (by overdose risk).

I’ll help you explore healthy ways to still meet your needs, while staying safe and releasing trauma from your body with somatics.

Replace hate with self-compassion.

Ready to be set free?