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Has therapy ever felt like venting, but you wanted more than just talk? You’re looking for a new holistic approach.

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Somatic therapy uses your whole being, mind body spirit, as a resource for healing.

I blend top down and bottom up therapy (cognitive and body-based) to help your body complete the stress cycle to rest. In somatic therapy, healing can begin quickly without needing to retell your whole story. You’ll build new ways to relate when stress arises directly in your body.

If you want talking too, I blend somatic therapy with trauma therapy and parts work therapy to help you integrate any unresolved past that is affecting your present.

I’ll teach you specific mind body practices to calm your nervous system directly.

What are some of the mind body practices?

  • Breathwork, vagus nerve, and body awareness exercises

  • Orienting and grounding skills to connect with the present
  • Gestures (small movements that create psychological shifts)
  • Mindfulness, meditation, and guided imagery using all senses

  • Elements of somatic experiencing or sensorimotor therapy

After any exercise, we’ll talk about what came up, so there is verbal processing too. You’ll leave knowing how to integrate the changes that you felt in your body into your daily life.

Somatic therapy addresses the underlying stress in your body so you can finally think clearly and choose coping skills with intention.

Therapy with me isn’t just sitting and talking, you’ll learn practical skills for daily life, informed by yoga, somatics, and nervous system polyvagal theory.

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Our priorities in somatic therapy sessions:

  • Actually feel your emotions move through you, not just analyze them
  • Know healing in direct felt sense rather than words, thoughts, or abstract
  • Experiential exercises to feel physical, mental, or spiritual shifts right now

  • Empowerment! You can choose to try or decline any practice at any time
  • Since our relationship is key to the work, I’ll regularly ask for your feedback

  • Work to welcome all thoughts, feelings, and sensations with curiosity and compassion rather than judgement so you can stop fighting yourself

Stress Management Therapy Grand Rapids MI

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No more trying to bypass emotions. Learn to process them in mind & body.