Stress Management Skills

Let go of the weight of the world

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Do you feel overwhelmed or beat yourself up? Do you ever hold in your emotions trying to keep the peace?

You’re tired of being tired. Does this sound like you?

  • You’re so busy caring for others that you forget or neglect your own needs

  • You seek perfection, worrying what you should do or what could go wrong

  • You try to fight your emotions, hide them, or feel guilty for having them

  • You don’t know how to come down to rest or relax at the end of the day

  • You want to get out of your head and stop overthinking daily interactions

You tried being the perfect child, spouse, parent or hiding your emotions. You felt crushed or lashed out when you couldn’t. Over time, stress built up inside you, and you’re dying to release it. You want to let go of all these expectations and pressure. To just be.

Your body came before your mind. We’ll start by calming your body’s nervous system, so you can then address emotions with compassion, not as a threat that must be controlled or changed. Maybe you’ve experienced this briefly, but don’t know how to practice consistent physical stress release in daily life.

I can show you how with somatic practices.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for Anxiety and Stress

Acceptance doesn’t mean you like or condone something. You simply learn to be with, to stop struggling with. In doing so, you can make space for it to move through you and release, rather than staying stuck. No more self-help products or people promising to fix you. You’ll make room for your own values and commitments to guide you.

Imagine how it would feel to:

  • Stop feeling exhausted, tired, heavy, short of breath, tense, or on edge
  • Honestly share your true thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment
  • Stop taking responsibility for the weight of others and finally care for you

  • Get to know yourself, discover your likes, passion, values, and feel purpose

You’ll find the transformation you’ve always wanted by connecting deeper with your own mind body spirit.

Let go of shame. Find inner peace.

Ready to love yourself?