Mind Body Stress Release & Somatic Trauma Healing

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Headshot of Carli Watson somatic trauma therapist grand rapids mi

Mind Body Stress Release & Somatic Trauma Healing

Therapy | Somatic Coaching | Yoga

Headshot of Carli Watson somatic trauma therapist grand rapids mi

You wish you knew how to relieve stress quickly, but life taught you more self-neglect than true self-care. Sound familiar?

  • You work until total exhaustion, but still feel like you’re not doing enough
  • You’re hypercritical of yourself, but go out of your way to be kind to others

  • Anxiety, tension, or overwhelm makes it hard to rest or take a deep breath

  • You carry shame in your body and wish you could love all parts of youself

  • You overly caretake others and don’t know how to meet your own needs

You can’t just talk yourself out of it

You tried changing your self-talk, but it never quite feels true. When anxiety hits, your heart races, your stomach sinks, and self-compassion feels a million miles away. That’s because some thinking skills literally go offline when your nervous system is activated.

You already know the effects of stress on your body, but feel stuck in self-neglect or powerless to change. You’re ready to listen to your body to relieve your stress, but are scared of what you might hear.

You’re looking for a guide to help you along the way.

As a licensed psychotherapist, somatic coach, and yoga teacher, I’ll help you calm your nervous system and integrate your mind body spirit in holistic healing.

Discover your inner resources for stress relief and trauma healing:

Thought, senses, feeling, conscience, perception, and interpretations.
Physcial, structure, space, nervous system, internal cues, and sensations.
God, soul, worldview, lens, how we sense meaning, purpose, or values for life.

Learn how to calm your nervous system using proven mind body skills and somatic exercises to release stress from your body.

No more living in fear of your triggers, you’ll make space for stress and trauma to move through you by working with your body, rather than against it.

What others are saying:

Carli is empathetic & supportive. She is great at helping you explore a variety of modalities to best suit your needs. She was instrumental in guiding me to meditation, yoga, & reiki to help me manage stress, burnout, & anxiety.

Kim F., Pittsburgh, PA

Carli has been instrumental in my journey of healing. She has this beautiful quality of making whoever she’s speaking with feel heard & valid. Carli has taught me to be kind to myself. I’m blessed to have crossed paths with her.

Cassandra S., Pittsburgh, PA

Carli is a kind, dedicated, & gifted therapist whom I had the privilege of working alongside 2 years. Carli has experience working with diverse populations & collaborating with interdisciplinary teams to help clients achieve their goals.

Leslie C., Pittsburgh, PA
Somatic therapy creates a sense of wholeness by using mind body spirit connection represented by glass ball on beach

When your nervous system is balanced, you can move from self-neglect to self-care and from critic to self-compassion.

Somatics uses the mind body spirit connection to increase internal awareness, create a sense of wholeness, and heal through direct felt experience.

Mind body or somatic exercises help release stress because emotions need motion. Imagine:

  • No more guilt and shame about having human needs or emotions
  • To feel whole again, have more energy, and able to relax when you want
  • Experience true balance between work and rest, in touch with your body
  • Trusting your own decisions rather than seeking answers outside yourself
  • No longer guided by parts acting out from neglect, you feel self-control

You tried to hide or ignore your true emotions to avoid pain, conflict, or fear of judgment. Maybe this served you earlier to survive. But disconnecting from yourself became painful and you can’t go on like this. You feel ready to burst sometimes.

You’re ready to thrive & love the parts of you that were avoided or lost.

Overthinking your decisions or replaying your mistakes in your head created shame. The inner critic way of thinking seemed like it would make you better. But when you’re already exhausted beating yourself up, stress is too much. Starting in the body with compassion, we’ll give heavy emotions space to move through you, rather than staying stuck.

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Somatic Trauma Healing

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Reconnect with yourself

Mind Pause. Body Breathe. Spirit Reflect. You can:

  • Stop living survival mode or just going the through motions to be truly present

  • Give your body space to complete the stress cycle, release, and resolve past trauma

  • Feel relaxed and attuned to your emotions rather than controlled by them or others

  • Replace self-neglect with somatic self-care, self-love, and self-compassion practices

  • Find strength to speak up for your own wants, needs, and set better boundaries

  • Befriend your body, better understand your habits and responses to build new ones

  • Let go of perfectionism and taking responsbility for others to live how you want

  • Accept all of you, integrate all parts, be OK with flaws, and deeply love yourself

It’s possible right now.

Somatic Trauma Therapy can help you reconnect with yourself and release stress from your body using mind body connection

Ready for somatic healing?